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After graduating from Baylor, I lived in Kenya for about a year doing volunteer work.  It was exciting, scary and challenging on all fronts.  Many days, my prayers would look like this: “Jesus, I trust you with my safety.  Jesus, I trust you with my finances.  Jesus, I trust you will take care of me.  Jesus I trust you with my needs.  Jesus, I trust you with my life.”  Some days, it would devolve into a repeating mantra of “Jesus, I trust you.”

After living in Kenya for about 5 months, I had an unexpected gap of one night where I didn’t have a place to stay.  I was also broke – so staying in a hotel room wasn’t an option either.  A few weeks prior, I had connected with a friend of a friend named Hasaan on my way into Uganda (long story) and he was the only person I had to reach out to for help – he also happened to be in Nairobi at the same time.  “Look, if you’ll just let me sleep in your car overnight, please – I don’t have a place to stay tonight.”  Hasaan told me to not worry and soon picked me up with my suitcases the next morning.  We went the predominantly Muslim parts of Nairobi running errands with all my suitcases in the back seat – it was certainly not convenient for him to do this – but he was delighted to be helpful.  

That evening we wound up in a very nice part of Nairobi where all the embassies are located – think Highland Park – we pulled into a one of the nicest houses I’d seen in Kenya.   Hasaan introduced me to the owners and before I knew it, I was the honored guest.  I was given a place to clean up, rest and recover from the incredibly stressful prior weeks.  I was then invited to eat at their table, as family – even though I was a complete stranger.  This family was also in the process of packing up to move to South Africa later that week.  Yet it was no problem to host Hasaan and myself for a night.  I certainly wouldn’t have shown hospitality in the midst of moving – yet their kindness and generosity still humble me.

Was this a miracle?  Depends on your definition of miracle.  I like to put it in the “strong – maybe” category.